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Secretary at work

A legal secretary is someone, male or female who works in a law office and executes secretarial functions. These tasks can range from legal document writing, conduct research to reading legal articles and performing other standard secretarial duties like taking phone calls and managing email communications. There is a lot to consider when looking to become a legal secretary. What skills the position requires, how to go about getting the necessary qualifications and knowing what is needed and what is not mandatory for the role.

Becoming eligible for the post of a legal secretary does not necessarily require a college degree. With a diploma or just good GCSE qualifications and some specific training as well as skill acquisitions in the legal field, it is possible to secure a position in a law firm as a legal secretary. One can also decide to acquire more qualifications through several colleges and special continuing education programs, towards becoming an accredited legal secretary.

Many institutions around the world offer specialised certificates to prospects looking to become legal secretaries, anyone can choose to attend CPD accredited training course for a chance at bigger and better opportunities. It is also possible to enrol and take online courses as many professional institutes are offering these as a way for individuals who are not able to attend classes physically, due to distance or any other personal reasons.

Law is a specific discipline, and the legal secretary understands the way the system works and the standard terms particular to the field. Many legal firms might not bother so much about you not having a college degree as a legal secretary, but they will need you to come with some experience. Anyone interested in a legal career can gain experience by first working as a receptionist or taking a course in legal training, where you can become familiar with the legal vocabulary and understand how to execute your duties as a legal secretary. You will also learn the skills you need to help you understand the ways things work in a legal institution and the fundamental skills of running an office efficiently.

Acquiring and improving one’s skills as a legal secretary does not only ensure performance efficiency, it also guarantees that the individual is willing to grow and execute tasks faster and more professionally. As a legal secretary, you will have to spend a lot of your time, working on legal documents, letters and handling office affairs. The more efficient you are at typing, filing and schedule management, the more important you are to your firm. A legal secretary is different from a regular office administrator. One requires detailed knowledge of the legal profession, and the latter can suffice with basic office management skills.

As a legal secretary, an excellent communication skill is paramount. You will be handling a lot of major clientele and being able to pass across information in a right, and vivid manner is very much relevant. It is also a good idea to continually work towards advancing your people skills and sharpening your communication skills to better your performance.

A legal secretary is critical to the function of a law firm, the availability of such positions are quite abundant in the legal sector, the pay is dependable and there is always room for progression.

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