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    Call for abolition of 'not proven' verdict in Scottish law

    19:14, November 12 1 0

    A woman who won a landmark civil action after the criminal case against the man she accused of raping her on a university freshers’ week night out was found not proven is calling for the abolition of the controversial Scottish verdict that acquits an accused person but stops short of finding them not guilty.

    Was Trump’s appointment of acting AG Whitaker within the law?

    16:24, November 12 5 0

    Some in the legal community—both liberal and conservative—are questioning whether President Donald Trump acted within his constitutional authority by appointing Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general after asking Jeff Sessions to resign.

    How moving to the US made me appreciate the House of Lords

    08:52, November 12 14 0

    Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned since I moved to Washington DC earlier this year is that democracy in the US is fundamentally broken. Not in that total, all-encompassing way that renders elections a sham and voting an entirely farcical waste of time. Rather, there’s an eclectic set of factors that combine to stack the deck so heavily that the barriers to progressive change can seem almost insurmountable.

    Self and wellbeing Writing to prisoners unlocks more than you would think

    10:02, November 10 33 0

    Eight years ago, I saw a job ad on a local website. A small charity was looking for a PR officer. The ad was brief, but it struck me as sweet. In it, they said that through yoga and meditation, they offered hope and healing to prisoners. I liked the sound of that. Unfortunately, I had no experience at all in the criminal justice sector, and I had also never done yoga and meditation. When they asked me why I wanted the job I said that I wanted to leave work each day feeling as if I’d made the world a little bit better rather than a little bit worse. I still work there today.