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    Q&A: what’s the real story behind recent UK refugee arrivals?

    02:15, August 10 26 0

    Q: Media reports suggest that many refugees are making a beeline for the UK. Is this correct? A: The UK is home to just 1% of the world’s 29.6 million refugees. Asylum seekers make up a very small percentage of overall migrants to the UK with study and work cited as the main reasons why people want to come to the country, according to research from Oxford’s Migration Observatory. Asylum applications in the UK are relatively low – 35,099 in the year ending March 2020, significantly lower than a peak of 84,000 applications in 2002.

    Labour MP Dawn Butler stopped by police in London

    13:07, August 09 21 0

    Dawn Butler, the Labour MP and former shadow equalities minister, has described being stopped by the police while driving with a friend through east London, saying her experiences show “the system is institutionally racist”.

    The loss of UK prisoners' rights is the forgotten injustice of the Covid-19 crisis

    14:03, August 08 29 0

    At the start of the pandemic, any fool could see where the virus would strike. Any fool, that is, except the fool in Downing Street. “Few outsiders care about the care services,” I wrote on 4 April. “They are as neglected as the prisons, another Cinderella service that could be ravaged.” We were right about care homes becoming mortuaries, but the virus spared the prisons. Or, rather, it appeared to spare them. Instead of taking lives, it has taken liberties and made the practices of our criminal justice system resemble those of a police state.

    Affordable housing 'will diminish due to UK planning changes'

    14:26, August 06 36 0

    Big changes to the planning system that provides nearly half of England’s affordable housing were criticised on Thursday as “potentially disastrous”, as moves to radically overhaul planning also created unease among some in the Conservative ranks.