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    Other lives Andrew Williamson obituary

    10:06, January 17 18 0

    My friend Andrew Williamson, who has died aged 78, took part as a lawyer in several key anti-apartheid trials in South Africa and later established himself as an employment law specialist in the UK.

    For 50 years, zero tolerance to drugs has failed – yet Britain refuses to change

    05:12, January 15 22 0

    A pandemic is gripping Europe with its centre in Great Britain. More than 3 million Britons caught it in 2019-20, of whom 5,657 died – a number that has quadrupled since 2013. Scotland’s death rate has soared to three and a half times that of the whole UK, and is the worst in Europe. Multiple cures are being tested round the world, but the British government opposes every one of them.

    MPs question Tory donor tipped for CPS inspector post

    14:25, January 14 28 0

    The government’s preferred candidate for independent inspector of the prosecution service is a Conservative donor who gave £10,000 to the party during the last general election campaign, it has emerged.

    The US Capitol riot risks supercharging a new age of political repression

    07:56, January 14 39 0

    Following the fascist riot at the US Capitol, progressives and liberals have begun to mimic the calls for “law and order” of their conservative counterparts, even going as far as threatening to expand the “war on terror”. While this may be well-intentioned, it fits neatly within the trajectory of attacks against civil liberties over the last two decades. A Biden administration with a 50-50 Senate will seek unity and compromise wherever it can find it, and oppressing political dissidents will be the glue that holds together Biden’s ability to govern.