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    Rights of Shamima Begum's son not affected, says Javid

    10:17, February 20 0 0

    The rights of the baby son of Shamima Begum, the teenager who fled to Syria to marry an Isis fighter, are unaffected by the decision to strip her of her UK citizenship, the home secretary, Sajid Javid, has suggested.

    Trump might have a solid case for emergency declaration, analysts say

    14:23, February 19 11 0

    Many legal analysts who watched Donald Trump declare a national emergency over immigration on Friday thought the president had weak legal grounds for doing so. In particular, many thought Trump hurt his own case by admitting, right there in the White House Rose Garden: “I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.”

    The Guardian view on criminal justice: when prison doesn’t work

    13:32, February 19 18 0

    The overcrowded prisons of England and Wales are in an awful state after eight years of austerity. In this time, five justice secretaries have failed to come to grips with the problem and moved on. Ian Acheson, a former prison governor, has described jails as “dystopian hellholes where it is easier to score your next fix than to get a shower”. Nearly 190 kilos of drugs were seized inside prisons in 2017; one in five prisoners tested positive for drugs. The prisons minister, Rory Stewart, has proposed airport-level searches of both body and baggage for anyone entering a prison – officers as well as visitors – to stem the problem in the 10 worst-affected jails. Partly as a result of the availability of drugs, levels of violence inside remain shockingly high. In a prison population of 83,500, there were 32,000 assaults recorded last year, and five murders. Even more aggression is directed inwards: there were 87 suicides and 50,000 incidents of self-harm.