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    Letter: Lord Lester of Herne Hill obituary

    12:34, August 12 17 0

    While I was deputy and then president of English PEN, we were running the 2005 Free Expression is No Offence campaign, calling for an amendment to the then Labour government’s proposed criminal offence of incitement to religious hatred. Anthony Lester taught us everything we did not know about how to contend with the passage of legislation through the parliamentary system.

    Convicted of a crime that never occurred? It happens all too often, law prof says

    10:37, August 12 19 0

    We are used to hearing about wrongful convictions in which a murderer walked free because an innocent person was misidentified. But when Jessica S. Henry, a professor at Montclair State University in New Jersey, was researching material for her course on wrongful convictions, she discovered that in one-third of all known exonerations, the conviction was wrongful because there had not even been a crime.

    Lincoln Crawford obituary

    16:34, August 11 51 0

    Lincoln Crawford, who has died aged 75, was a trailblazer for black barristers. He also contributed to an extraordinary range of public and voluntary bodies, in which his driving force was racial justice and the bringing of ethnic minorities into the mainstream of British life.

    Q&A: what’s the real story behind recent UK refugee arrivals?

    02:15, August 10 40 0

    Q: Media reports suggest that many refugees are making a beeline for the UK. Is this correct? A: The UK is home to just 1% of the world’s 29.6 million refugees. Asylum seekers make up a very small percentage of overall migrants to the UK with study and work cited as the main reasons why people want to come to the country, according to research from Oxford’s Migration Observatory. Asylum applications in the UK are relatively low – 35,099 in the year ending March 2020, significantly lower than a peak of 84,000 applications in 2002.