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    Shamima Begum court ruling brings shame on UK

    15:07, February 28 22 0

    Every day it seems the Guardian serves up another reason for being ashamed to be British. On Friday, it was the case of Shamima Begum (Shamima Begum loses fight to restore UK citizenship after supreme court ruling, 26 February). It makes it particularly difficult that I’m tutoring someone who is hoping to take an A-level in British politics. All the books list human rights and explain how carefully protected they are in our system. Article 5 is supposed to protect the right to liberty and freedom from arbitrary detention. Yet the supreme court is unable to protect Begum’s rights against a home secretary who is operating a policy based on pandering to public opinion in return for (hoped-for) votes.

    Britain risks creating new Guantánamo in Syria, says rights group

    17:09, February 26 29 0

    Britain risks creating “a new Guantánamo” in Syria by leaving Shamima Begum and others like her stranded in Syrian detention camps, it has been claimed, after the supreme court rejected Begum’s appeal against a decision to revoke her UK citizenship.

    Drug reforms must consider the wider issues

    12:16, February 26 30 0

    Dr Kojo Koram’s powerful opinion piece (Enlightened drug reforms are sweeping the US. Why is Britain so far behind?, 25 February) highlights how decriminalisation of drug possession in the US may be a mechanism to address disparities in the UK criminal justice system, and help to change public attitudes towards people who use drugs.