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    PC Andrew Harper's widow launches 'Andrew's Law' campaign

    10:57, August 05 9 0

    The widow of the police officer Andrew Harper – who was killed trying to apprehend three teenage thieves as they attempted to steal a quad bike – is launching a campaign for a law in her husband’s name under which criminals convicted of killing emergency services workers would spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    Lord Hutton obituary

    11:43, August 04 14 0

    Brian Hutton, Lord Hutton, who has died aged 89, was a former lord chief justice of Northern Ireland, where he was involved in many high-profile cases during the Troubles, including the killings of unarmed civil rights marchers in Derry on Bloody Sunday in 1972. He was thrust into the limelight in Britain when he was chosen by a panicking Blair government to chair an inquiry into the death of the Iraqi weapons expert turned unwitting whistleblower, David Kelly.

    The safety of children is our paramount concern at Cafcass

    12:06, July 31 38 0

    Re Louise Tickle’s article (Twisted priorities mean Cafcass has failed to protect children from abusive parents, 28 July), the first duty of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service is to safeguard children in family proceedings and to make recommendations to the family court about what is safe and in their best interests. This is complex work, which we undertake with both integrity and the explicit intention of getting it right for every child. We fully accept that we will and do make mistakes, and in such instances we must make a full apology as well as making sustained changes in response.

    British prisons are inhumane and do not prevent crime – most of them should go

    02:36, July 31 36 0

    For the past four months, two-thirds of Britain’s prisoners have been in quasi-solitary confinement, locked in cells for at least 23 hours a day. According to the Prison Reform Trust, evidence indicates this does permanent mental health damage. At this point, prison becomes a life sentence. On any basis, it is barbaric.

    Prosecution service under fire over record low rape convictions

    15:44, July 30 46 0

    The Crown Prosecution Service has faced a barrage of criticism after rape convictions in England and Wales fell to a record low, with police publicly censuring its charging policies and a judge paving the way for a landmark legal challenge.