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    ‘Justice must be for all’: why court intermediaries are vital for vulnerable people

    03:05, October 28 9 0

    At Highbury youth court in north London, Elliott Rogers (not his real name), a 15-year-old boy with severe cognitive and communication difficulties, has been waiting three hours for his trial to start. He has been charged with the theft of an iPhone, but no magistrates have turned up, and the court clerk is scrambling to raise one to come in at no notice. The boy sits in a side room with his mum, his barrister who specialises in representing vulnerable clients, and Francesca Castellano, his intermediary.

    Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment is a wake-up call for female voters

    06:45, October 27 16 0

    The pandemic and its collateral economic crisis have illustrated like never before that women are the backbone of America. Before Covid-19, women made up more than half the workforce, nearly two-thirds of minimum-wage workers, and the majority of caregivers. One in three jobs held by women has been designated as essential. Right now, millions of women are pulling off an impossible balancing act: working while trying to keep their families safe and healthy during a terrifying time. Others have lost jobs, have had their wages or hours cut, and more than 800,000 women have left the workforce.

    Johnson and Patel are baiting lawyers to distract from the real threat to our freedoms

    10:53, October 26 19 0

    Eight hundred legal eagles are up in arms. They are furious with Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, accusing them of being “lefty lawyers” and “do-gooders”, seeking to leave the “whole” criminal justice system “hamstrung”. At this month’s Tory party conference, the two politicians accused them in one voice of indefensibly exploiting a “broken” immigration appeal system in the interest of their clients.

    Convictions for rapes in London less likely than in 2015, research shows

    06:36, October 26 19 0

    The London assembly’s police and crime committee has written to the lord chancellor, Robert Buckland, amid concerns over a “toxic combination” of falling convictions in rape and sexual offence cases despite a rise in reports and a backlog of cases in the courts.