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    Those who caused the financial crisis still haven’t been held to account

    13:18, September 20 7 0

    Alex Bailin’s article (Gordon Brown is wrong to say British banking is still a free-for-all, 16 September) is extraordinarily complacent. The fact is that the UK’s record on prosecuting the wrongdoing behind the financial crisis is extremely poor, with no senior executives charged (only lower-level employees) and no bank successfully prosecuted. Just in May this year, a judge dismissed charges in the only prosecution ever brought against a bank for financial-crisis wrongdoing. The arcane corporate liability rules in this country make it impossible to prosecute large financial institutions. Until the government brings forward legislation to change the law and replace those rules, banks will continue to operate with impunity in the UK.Susan Hawley Policy director, Corruption WatchRachel Teka Davies Head of advocacy, Transparency International UK

    Britain lets Putin move his dark money with impunity. That has to stop

    07:50, September 20 13 0

    Vladimir Putin’s global power is inseparable from his mastery of dark money, which he moves secretly to buy assets and influence. We know he’s doing it, because we can see the effects – the convulsions in Ukraine, the scandal in the United States – but it is far harder to know the precise mechanics.