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    Failings of HMP Birmingham reflect broader prison crisis, MOJ warned

    14:13, August 20 9 0

    The Ministry of Justice has been warned that failings at the privately run Birmingham prison reflect a broader prison crisis, as overcrowding and dwindling resources lead to increases in violence, drug use and self-harm in jails across England and Wales.

    The Guardian view on Birmingham prison: the root problem is austerity

    13:57, August 20 10 0

    In 1776, the great prison reformer John Howard visited Birmingham while compiling his landmark report on The State of the Prisons in England and Wales. “The gaol for this large populous town is called the Dungeon,” Howard reported. Inside, the filth, made worse by the faeces of the gaoler’s ducks, was “intolerable”. The prison itself was overcrowded: “At some particular times, here are great numbers confined.” Overall, he concluded: “The whole prison is very offensive.”

    Military model can’t curb violance in jails

    12:47, August 19 15 0

    Rory Stewart’s prison plan ignores some key issues (Prisons minister: I’ll quit if assaults do not fall in problem jails, 17 August). He reduces safety to the issue of assaults. However, as prisons inspectorate reports acknowledge, keeping prisoners safe is more complex. Their treatment by staff can also imperil their safety, and these reports repeatedly cite a lack of care for prisoners in the context of a systematic culture of systemic indifference, complacency, immunity and impunity towards them, with little or no democratic accountability at all levels of the prison service. In this context, better physical conditions will not keep distressed prisoners safe. Similarly, the “military model” he advocates is a red herring.

    Too many Americans die on the job. Are things about to get worse?

    09:54, August 19 22 0

    Who remembers Alphonse Maddin? Maddin came briefly to national attention in spring of 2017, after Donald Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court. Maddin was a truck driver and the central character in one of Gorsuch’s worst opinions as a circuit court judge. His story is one of the rare prominent examples of a vast, hidden world of American injustice: danger in the workplace.