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    Hong Kong democracy campaigners jailed over anti-China protests

    04:47, August 17 19 0

    Hong Kong’s democracy movement has suffered the latest setback in what has been a punishing year after three of its most influential young leaders were jailed for their roles in a protest at the start of a 79-day anti-government occupation known as the umbrella movement.

    Trump Lawyer John Dowd Forwards Email Equating Confederate Leader with George Washington

    02:30, August 17 25 0

    On the morning after President Donald Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, one of his top lawyers circulated an email equating Confederate general Robert E. Lee with George Washington and saying Black Lives Matter had been “totally infiltrated” by terrorists, The New York Times reported.

    Religious freedom is an important right. Once same sex marriage is legal, it must be protected

    21:52, August 16 38 0

    Countries such as the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Canada already recognise same sex marriages. They also have bills of rights which accord some recognition to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Australia does not yet recognise same sex marriages – not even those marriages recognised in their countries of origin. Neither does Australia have a bill of rights with the result that the federal protection of rights such as freedom of religion is more piecemeal than in other countries. In Australia, the tendency has been to treat the freedom of religion on contested questions as an exemption to sex discrimination laws. This results in freedom of religion being treated as a second order right. But in international law, it is a first order “non-derogable” right.

    FedEx Names Mark Allen as Next GC

    20:10, August 16 29 0

    FedEx Corp., the enormous shipping and delivery service based in Memphis, Tennessee, named Mark Allen as its next general counsel on Wednesday. Allen replaces Christine Richards, who announced her retirement in July.

    Chicago’s former US attorney will open King & Spalding office

    14:52, August 16 28 0

    Zachary Fardon—who was asked asked to resign as the Northern District of Illinois was by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March—has rejoined King & Spalding, and will open a Chicago office for the firm in September.

    Labour disappointing on Venezuela abuses

    14:15, August 16 32 0

    Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to condemn the authoritarianism of Nicolas Maduro and the violence being inflicted on Venezuelans by the state (Report, 8 August) is a missed opportunity for Labour to stand up for human rights. The current crisis in Venezuela is not to do with anti-neoliberal or anti-austerity politics. It stems from a desire to hold on to power at all costs and a lack of respect for the democratic rights of citizens who think differently from the government. I write as a scholar of Latin American politics, a longstanding critic of neoliberalism and its consequences for the region, and someone generally supportive of the Latin American left’s attempts to pioneer new forms of social and political inclusion. And as a member of the Labour party. I call on other Latin Americanists and Labour party members to clearly condemn Maduro’s violence and repression.Jean GrugelProfessor of development politics, University of York