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    Women's rights under threat after Brexit, warns EHCR report

    19:36, July 22 9 0

    Women in the UK risk losing hard-won equality and human rights protections, including employment rights and funding for women’s services, when the UK leaves the EU, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHCR).

    Cliff Richard v BBC has set a terrible precedent – the media must fight back

    09:26, July 22 15 0

    When actor Gordon Kaye was hoodwinked, as he lay in hospital recovering from brain surgery in 1990, by a Sunday Sport reporter dressed as a medic, there was no part of English law that suggested his privacy had been invaded. Scroll forward nearly 30 years and the world is a different place, transformed not just by the internet and 24-hour news, but also by the attempts of the rich and famous to argue that their right to privacy trumps that of the public’s right to know.

    Cliff Richard and freedom of the press

    12:37, July 20 25 0

    Media commentators are already declaiming Justice Mann’s judgment in favour of Cliff Richard over the BBC as a “dark day for press freedom”. Rubbish. These arguments are specious. The public interest and public prurience should not be conflated. The public interest must not be determined by the media alone. The Human Rights Act (which Theresa May despises) has something to say on the matter. We are not dealing here with the Cambridge Analytica story or the Paradise Papers – examples of a clear public interest uncovered by investigative journalists (not the BBC).

    Amazon must be forced to change, for the sake of its workers

    05:04, July 20 25 0

    While the technological advancements that have brought us tailor-made online shopping at the click of a button is worth celebrating, the delirium that surrounded Amazon’s Prime Day this week has left a bad taste in my mouth. Technological progress brings its own challenges, and the concerns of my constituents who have worked at our local Amazon fulfilment centre have only served to reinforce this view.