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    MoJ favours 'Nightingale' crown courts to tackle huge backlog of cases

    01:05, July 02 2 0

    Plans for non-jury trials to speed up efforts to tackle a backlog of more than 40,000 crown court cases appear to have been sidelined as the Ministry of Justice opts instead for extended opening hours, emergency “Nightingale” courts and, possibly, smaller juries.

    To all men who are in on the ‘open secret’: you have failed us

    14:04, July 01 13 0

    When the Dyson Heydon story broke last Monday afternoon, the allegations started to fill the online chat in our workplace. For a number of women lawyers in the firm, there was a single theme running through our minds that made us all feel squeamish. Then upset. Then outright mad.

    Trans people were promised change, but instead they face deepening prejudice

    06:00, July 01 13 0

    Silence can be dangerous. It allows rumours to run riot, fears to be stoked and falsehoods to flourish. There has been no word from No 10 since its response to a public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) was leaked. The government reportedly plans to scrap a reform to the GRA, which would have allowed trans people to self identify their gender without a medical diagnosis. This has caused deep anxiety among our trans community, leading many to question whether England is still committed to flying the multicoloured flags of inclusion.

    We need far more coronavirus tests in British prisons

    02:26, June 30 20 0

    Shortly after Covid-19 began to bring death and despair to our shores, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) started issuing daily, weekday media briefings on the impact of the disease across the penal estate in England and Wales. The briefings began by listing the numbers of prisoners and staff who had tested positive for the disease. But the figures for prisoners are way below those forecast by many concerned prison watchers.

    CPS secretly dropped 'weak' rape cases, say rights groups

    19:02, June 29 23 0

    Rape cases where a woman was held at knife point, a film of an attack was found on a suspect’s phone and an alleged perpetrator admitted the offence in text messages are among those dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, documents shared with the Guardian reveal.