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    The Guardian view on free speech online: let law decide the limits

    14:31, March 18 29 0

    The revelations we publish about how Facebook’s data was used by Cambridge Analytica to subvert the openness of democracy are only the latest examples of a global phenomenon. All over the world, governments are coming to grips with the destructive power of social media. In recent weeks, Sri Lanka, Britain, Indonesia and Myanmar have all seen measures taken against hate-speech campaigns. In some cases the companies that publish and profit from them have acted themselves; in others the government has taken direct action. In Sri Lanka, the government reacted to a burst of anti-Muslim rioting by completely shutting down Facebook, WhatsApp, and the messaging app Viber for a week on 7 March. In Britain, Facebook banned the neo-Nazi Britain First movement, which had acquired 2m “likes”, after two of its leaders were jailed. The leaders’ personal pages were also removed. Why it took the company that long to act, when the hateful nature of the pages had been obvious to the whole world ever since Donald Trump retweeted one of their made-up news stories in 2017, is difficult to explain.

    Barrister blows whistle on 'broken law brought to its knees by cuts'

    14:15, March 18 26 0

    Courts that are like an A&E unit on a Saturday night, violent abusers walking free because evidence has gone missing, and lawyers doing hours of unpaid work to keep the system from collapse, are all part of a damning picture painted in a new book on the legal system by a barrister.

    Shortcuts How Goldie is leading the tech revolution sweeping British courts

    11:19, March 18 44 0

    Drum’n’bass icon and grills pioneer Goldie has shot back to the top of the news agenda after making legal history last week. Asked to plead over a fight he’d had at Glastonbury in 2017, Goldie, real name Clifford Price, was absent. His defence explained that he regularly flitted off to Thailand for the winter, so he wouldn’t be back in the UK till May. But when district judge Lynne Matthews ordered the trial proceed without him, he was rustled up on FaceTime. Matthews asked if he was pleading guilty. He said: “Correct, my dear,” to which the judge replied: “No, I am not your dear.”

    Bad Girls review – a much-needed history of Holloway prison

    07:16, March 18 63 0

    HMP Holloway opened in 1852 as a house of correction for both men and women. The “terror to evildoers” became a women-only institution in 1902 and finally met its end in November 2015, when George Osborne, then chancellor, announced the prison’s closure. The female inmates were decanted.

    Why the real defenders of the second amendment oppose the NRA

    04:05, March 17 62 0

    In any debate about guns in America, there’s one aspect that’s seemingly inescapable: the moment when the National Rifle Association (NRA) or other defenders of an anything-goes gun policy recite the second amendment from memory.

    LawyerSmack is reinventing the way lawyers communicate

    09:37, March 16 40 0

    This Q&A has been condensed. Ari Kaplan: Tell us about the genesis of LawyerSmack. Keith Lee: As my blog, Associate’s Mind, became more popular, the one component that I really enjoyed was communicating with people, and eventually that expanded to social media. What I wanted, however, was a place for lawyers to get together and discuss their careers openly, freely, and without fear of repercussions. That led to LawyerSmack, which I started in 2016. Once you become a member, most of the communication takes place on Slack, which is an internal messaging tool for teams that has emerged as one of the premier online community platforms.