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    Reforming the Gender Recognition Act reform would change my life

    11:53, October 21 11 0

    You may notice this is written anonymously. I’ve chosen not to put my name to this because I know that if I did, I’d be targeted by those who do not support my right to be myself. Over recent months, there’s been an increasingly abusive discussion about people such as me – people who are trans. We are at the centre of a debate that is taking place around us – questioning whether I really know who I am, or whether others know better; whether I really know my own mind; whether I am really a woman – which I am – and whether I can be trusted around other women.

    Austerity harms hunt for sexual abuse gangs, says ex-prosecutor

    04:26, October 21 16 0

    Potential victims of grooming gangs are no safer now than when the issue became a national scandal almost a decade ago, according to the Crown Prosecution Service’s former lead on child sexual abuse and violence against women and girls.

    Bullies too often go unchecked – and not just in Westminster

    01:12, October 20 22 0

    The shouting was audible from the end of the corridor, but it was only when I got close that it was clear what was actually happening. A well-known broadcaster, who shall not be named despite richly deserving it, was bawling at an obviously frightened junior researcher for something that seemingly wasn’t her fault. Walking into the whole thing as a studio guest was as oddly embarrassing as stumbling into a marital row by accident, but asking around later I learned that it apparently happened all the time. The presenter had a reputation not merely for being a bully but for not particularly caring who saw her throw her weight around. (Yes, it was a woman. Female bosses can be appalling bullies, just as men can.) It was years ago, I was young and fairly junior myself, and didn’t know what to do, except go on air and awkwardly pretend it hadn’t happened. But this week, reading Dame Laura Cox’s report on bullying and harassment in parliament, it came back to me.

    Back the Gender Recognition Act reform. It’s the feminist thing to do

    11:02, October 19 25 0

    Today is the final day that anyone can fill in the consultation for the Gender Recognition Act. So let’s start with what the Gender Recognition Act actually is. If you want to change your gender in the UK, you need a gender recognition certificate. To obtain one, you need to have lived in your preferred gender for two years and get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria (ie be classified as mentally ill) from two different doctors.