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    Cut score for California state bar exam to stay at 1440—for now

    19:13, October 18 15 0

    Traditionally, the cut score is set by the state’s bar exam committee, but in July, the California Supreme Court amended the rule, asserting its own authority to determine the score. The decision follows a standards setting study (PDF) commissioned by the State Bar of California, along with a survey report (PDF) of more than 30,000 attorneys, 80 percent of whom favored leaving the cut score alone. However, many law school deans urged lowering the cut score.

    Susskind's Job Interview Advice for Law Students Misses Mark, Career Pros Say

    17:33, October 18 22 0

    In Richard Susskind’s second edition of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers,” he urges law students and recent graduates interviewing with law firms to ask hiring partners and firm leaders pointed questions about their firms’ futures, including inquiries about long-term strategy and how they’ve integrated technology into their businesses. There’s no argument that those details are important information for private practice lawyers.

    Karen Sargent

    17:17, October 18 10 0

    Karen Sargent While Richard Susskind urges law schools to address the academic and skills-based education to equip law graduates, he also addresses job-seeking young lawyers and extols them to ascertain how prospective law firm employers are planning and adapting to the future practice of law. Does a firm have what it takes—the business plan, the forward-thinking adaptation to client needs, the openness to technological advancements—to move the firm, and hence the careers of their attorneys, forward?