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    'Marriage Story was stunningly on-point': what divorce lawyers want you to know

    10:07, January 20 3 0

    There is a moment early on in the film Marriage Story, Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-nominated exploration of divorce, that sparked rueful recognition from Tom Kretchmar, a divorce lawyer. “Right at the outset, the actors Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are like: ‘What’s there to fight about? This is going to be easy – we’ll take half each and go our separate ways.’”

    Rape jury system unfair to victims

    12:08, January 19 16 0

    On many occasions, without success, I have written to the Guardian when the lamentably low prosecution and conviction rate for rape and similar offences are reported. The adversarial system before a jury where “beyond reasonable doubt” is the standard of proof required is biased against victims. Your report (Weinstein rape trial turns jury selection into a performance, 18 January) demonstrates further concerns. It is time the whole system for investigating, prosecuting and convicting in both child and adult abuse and rape cases is overhauled in this country (and elsewhere) where decisions of guilt and innocence are made largely by laypeople with no experience of the way abusers work.

    Trump lets soldiers get away with murder. That mustn’t happen here

    13:42, January 18 26 0

    The International Spy Museum in Washington DC features a waterboard used to make petrified detainees think their interrogators are drowning them. “Would you be willing to have the US government torture suspected terrorists if they may know details about future attacks?” it asks visitors.

    Former Barclays boss accused of 'funnelling funds' to Qatar

    14:46, January 16 36 0

    Prosecutors have accused a former Barclays boss of proposing two separate illegal deals before settling on an advisory agreement that allegedly disguised the true nature of £322m in payments to Qatar in 2008.The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) made the allegations during the first day of the prosecution’s cross-examination of Thomas Kalaris, the former head of Barclays’ wealth division.