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    Cherif Bassiouni obituary

    13:46, October 22 16 0

    The Egyptian law professor Cherif Bassiouni, who has died aged 79, made an important contribution to the struggle for global justice and to the revival of the Nuremberg legacy. His work, both academic and in his UN reports from war zones, led to the creation of two international criminal courts.

    Russia puts British Putin critic on Interpol wanted list

    19:12, October 21 43 0

    Russia has placed a prominent British businessman on the Interpol wanted list. President Vladimir Putin is understood to have sanctioned the move against Bill Browder, who has led an international campaign against Russia over the killing of the jailed Moscow lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky.

    #metoo is raising awareness, but taking sexual abuse to court is a minefield

    19:38, October 20 33 0

    Global fascination with the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein revelations has focused on Hollywood, as well as parallel scandals in international sport and the music industry, but the #metoo stream on Twitter has dragged attention to less glamorous workplaces, highlighting how difficult it is for women to raise these cases, even in countries with strong legislation on sexual harassment.

    Estonia considering new legal status for artificial intelligence

    14:47, October 20 39 0

    Estonia is considering a legal status for artificial intelligence beyond property. The Baltic nation’s Economy Ministry, according to a report from Bloomberg, is considering a “robot-agent” status that would give certain AI a legal standing between personhood and property. Siim Sikkut, the chief innovation officer of Estonia, said he also sees advantages to giving AI the same legal status as a person.

    Thriving in an Uncertain World: Managing Regulatory and Cybersecurity Risks

    14:13, October 20 31 0

    Live Event: Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017 at 2:00PM ET Companies of all sizes still struggle to manage risk effectively, especially when it comes to regulatory and cybersecurity risks. Recent research shows that many legal departments are not happy with how their organizations manage their exposure. Certain critical factors lead to inefficient risk management, but there are steps an organization can take to assess and monitor risk.