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2017-04-10 14:07:02
Philippines committed to human rights

In response to your article (Dismay over Liam Fox’s claim of shared values with Duterte’s brutal regime, 4 April), like the UK, the Philippines is a strong democracy with a very active and engaged civil society keen on participative and transparent governance. We are committed to upholding a rules-based international order. The strong commitment and adherence to human rights have made dialogue between the Philippines and the UK smooth, with no major irritants.

President Duterte’s relentless campaign against illegal drugs is being waged with firm adherence to the rule of law, due process, and human rights. It is anchored not only in law enforcement, but also in rehabilitation of drug addicts, and poverty alleviation programmes aimed to improve the lives of victims, especially young people. The Filipino people’s support for the president’s stance on peace and order is evident in his consistent high approval ratings.

In the implementation of the campaign against illegal drugs, the government has consistently affirmed its commitment to promote and protect human rights, which is enshrined in our constitution and our adherence to the eight international human rights treaties to which we are a party.

Let me assure those who have raised concern on the campaign against illegal drugs: all these killings are being thoroughly and impartially investigated. Philippine authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice. We only request that the international community look beyond the media frenzy at the facts on the ground.

Antonio M Lagdameo

Philippine ambassador to the UK

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