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2017-05-09 09:05:03
6,000 forensic samples re-examined in inquiry into Manchester lab

Police say scores of convictions may be overturned because of the suspected manipulation of forensic tests at a private laboratory in Manchester.

James Vaughan, the national police lead for forensic outsourcing, said two employees of the testing services company Randox were under criminal investigation after issues with test results emerged in January.

Vaughan said the investigation had grown, with 6,000 samples having to be re-examined. He said scores of cases could be referred to the court of appeal, including rape and murder cases as well as more minor cases such as drug-driving.

Investigators are looking into alleged manipulation of data from toxicology testing carried out by Randox as far back as 2014. Vaughan said: “We believe there are potential criminal acts that took place.”

Initial retesting of samples still held has shown the same results as was presented in court cases. However, 10% of samples are no longer held, cannot be retested and thus can no longer be relied on.

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