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2017-05-11 12:40:04
Deposition delay granted in sex-abuse case so job-hunting official can attend the Indianapolis 500

Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny won a deposition delay in a sex-abuse lawsuit against a former team physician after claiming he needed to attend the Indianapolis 500 to network and find a new job.

Judge Susan Bryant-Deason of Los Angeles agreed to delay the deposition until June 5, despite objections from the plaintiff’s attorneys that “attending parties at the Indy 500 Race week is not an adequate excuse,” the Orange County Register reports. The Washington Post noted the story.

The plaintiff is a former national team member who claims she was sexually abused as a child by former team physician Lawrence Nassar. Penny is accused of concealing her complaints, enabling the alleged sexual abuse. Penny resigned in March after calls for his ouster.

Lawyers for the plaintiff wanted to schedule the deposition for May to give them time to meet a June 30 deadline to respond to Penny’s motion to dismiss.

The Indianapolis 500 is scheduled for May 28.