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2017-05-24 15:18:04
Lawyer is accused of offering rape victim cash not to testify, warning of deportation if she appears

A Baltimore criminal defense lawyer faces charges for allegedly offering a rape victim $3,000 not to testify against his client and claiming that she would be deported if she showed up in court.

The lawyer, Christos Vasiliades, 38, has been indicted on charges of obstruction of justice and witness intimidation, report the Baltimore Sun and NBC News. He was arrested at the courthouse on Tuesday.

The indictment redacts the names of those who met with Vasiliades and his interpreter on April 11 and May 18. NBC says the rape victim and her husband were at the meetings, while the Baltimore Sun indicates that Vasiliades spoke with the victim’s husband. One of the people who met with Vasiliades and the interpreter on May 18 was wearing a wire.

“You know how things are with Trump’s laws now. Someone goes to court and, boom, they get taken away,” the interpreter allegedly said. According to the indictment, the interpreter and Vasiliades said the rape victim would be paid $3,000 in cash if the victim didn’t show up, causing the case to be dismissed.

Vasilaides also allegedly suggested another method of retribution. “If we were back home where I’m from, from Greece, … we would go f— him up, that’s it, if you want to do that, that’s fine,” he is accused of saying. “Three thousand dollars, and then find him and kick his ass.”

The interpreter was also charged with obstruction of justice and intimidation, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Vasiliades represented Mario Aguilar-Delosantos, who is charged with second-degree rape, third- and fourth-degree sex offenses, and second-degree assault.