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2017-06-07 08:18:05
Legal startup grades lawyers on DUI case success

The new website, LegalOptics, is the creation of Sam Harden, according to LawSites by Robert Ambrogi. Right now, the website only covers cases in Hillsborough County, Florida, but more counties will be added later, Harden tells LawSites.

The website uses public records and an algorithm to identify lawyers who get better outcomes than other private defense lawyers before particular judges.

Lawyers are graded on whether they filed any motions and outcomes, such as case dismissals, not guilty verdicts, reduced charges and convictions, LawSites explains. Filing a motion to dismiss or suppress, coupled with a case dismissal or not guilty verdict, results in a top 10 grade for the lawyer on that case.

Scores are averaged, and lawyers who score at least 10 percent higher than the average for a particular judge are given an “A” grade and listed on the website.

LegalOptics plans to profit by selling advertising to lawyers and subscriptions for lawyer access to its court data.