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2017-06-08 17:38:05
Judge removes photoshopped image of ‘The Rock’ from her campaign website

A Las Vegas municipal judge has removed from her campaign Facebook page a photoshopped image showing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson standing next to her.

Heidi Almase is close family friends with Johnson but she didn’t have authorization to post the photo, her campaign manager told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The newspaper posted a screenshot of the page. Next to the photo was a caption that read, “It just makes sense: Re-Elect Judge Heidi Almase.” The caption was not in quotation marks, and Johnson’s name was underneath.

Almase’s campaign manager, Jennifer Barrier, said the photo and caption were not an endorsement.

“There’s no quotation marks,” she said. “It’s not an endorsement.”

Barrier says Almase knows Johnson through her late father, a wrestling promoter, and she was waiting on written authorization to use the photo.