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2017-06-26 14:25:02
Bangladesh upholding the rule of law

Your editorial (Bangladesh’s vicious politics do a disservice to its people, 19 June) inaccurately blames the government of Bangladesh for violence committed during its 2014 general election. The violence was instigated by individuals associated with the opposition Bangladesh National party, including its leader, Khaleda Zia, and her son, Tarique Rahman. But the political affiliation of these people had nothing to do with the criminal accusations against them. Bangladesh proudly upholds the rule of law no matter what political party the perpetrators belong to. The government began battling Islamic extremism long before last summer’s tragic Holey Artisan Bakery attack, including by arresting the criminals who attacked bloggers and intellectuals. Law enforcement authorities are providing protection to 499 citizens who have requested it and have never denied protection to those who request it. In addition, police are helping citizens to improve the security of their homes. The government will continue to prosecute anyone who attacks citizens, regardless of faith, occupation or lifestyle. To underscore the point, the government is providing police protection to Sultana Kamal, a Bangladeshi lawyer in Dhaka, who was recently threatened by non-government Islamist groups.

Nazmul Quaunine

High commissioner of Bangladesh to the UK

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