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2017-06-27 13:04:07
Cyber attack cripples DLA Piper with communication shutdown

DLA Piper is one of the companies to have fallen victim of a cyber attack today, which has shut down most of its email and phone services.

The attack, which is similar to the ‘Wannacry’ attacks reported by companies across the globe in the past few months, comes just days after the firm launched a guide for companies on how to prevent cyber attacks.

Advice in DLA’s guide included early stage fact-finding, red-flag review, gap analysis to detect weaknesses in the system,the development of an incidence response plan and training for staff.

At the time, the firm said: Wannacry ransomware attack “was just the tip of the iceberg”.

“DLA Piper has assisted numerous companies in strengthening its cybersecurity compliance, responding to incidents of data breaches and cybercrime, and recovering on behalf of these companies across the region and elsewhere around the globe,” the post said.

The malware attack has left London partners with no phone or email connectivity, while reports from the US say that DLA’s San Francisco office looks to have been “completely wrecked” by Petya’ ransomware and office lines do not even ring.

This same attack looks to have impacted the Ukrainian central bank, Russian oil producer Rosneft and Danish shipping company Maersk. British advertising agency WPP is also understood to have been affected, according to reports from the BBC.

The firm said in a statement through a gmail account: “The firm, like many other reported companies, has experienced issues with some of its systems due to suspected malware. We are taking steps to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.”