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Who was your most difficult cross-examination?

In the July issue of the ABA Journal, litigators talk about how to cross-examine psychologists and psychiatrists. These witnesses can be tough to challenge because their testimony can have elements of hearsay as well as subjectivity.

Lawyer William Chamblee of Chamblee Ryan in Dallas told the ABA Journal that his toughest cross-examination was a psychologist.

“I crossed Dr. Phil [McGraw] as an expert in a med-mal case in the late 1980s in a little town out in West Texas,” Chamblee said. “He hadn’t yet been an expert for Oprah Winfrey in the beef case in Amarillo. But he was often hired by plaintiffs’ lawyers to be an expert witness in litigation. I’d done some crosses before his, but he was the hardest one.”

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Who was your most difficult cross-examination?

Answer in the comments.

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