President Donald Trump. (Photo:

President Donald Trump is no stranger to lawsuits. But the latest case filed against his campaign over Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee is different, potentially unspooling in public view the ties between Trump, his allies and the Russian government.

In this episode of Unprecedented, we talk with Cogan Schneier, a reporter for the The National Law Journal who wrote about the groundbreaking privacy and civil rights lawsuit when it was filed last week. “While the lawsuit doesn’t have any smoking gun … if it were to make it past the initial stages and say go into discovery, there would be a lot of interesting information that would likely come out of that,” Schneier says. 

We also hear from Andrew Wright, an attorney in the Obama White House who’s now a law professor at Savannah Law School and a contributor to the legal news blog Just Security. Wright puts the case in its historical context — stretching back to the Watergate break-in — and talks about some of the hurdles it will likely face in court. 

Listen to the full podcast below.

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