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Brief letters  Lemonade raid wasn’t part of the program

About 30 years ago I wrote a computer-simulated lemonade stall for primary schoolchildren. Included in the model were potential disasters like thunderstorms and competition from cheaper stalls nearby, but we failed to include a fine from a zealous trading standards officer (Girl fined £150 for running lemonade stall, 22 July).

Dave Headey

Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Re your report on Lady Hale’s appointment (A champion of diversity and ardent feminist: the first woman to lead Britain’s highest court, 22 July), at dinner with a group of barristers, I complained they had all led a very cloistered life – boarding school, Oxford and then into chambers. “Not so,” said one, “I was a schoolteacher before I became a barrister.” “Good,” said I, “which school?” “Eton,” he replied. Oh well!

David Ashton

Great Broughton, North Yorkshire

Christine Stanton (Letters, 24 July) said she wanted to know who “lardy” was. In the north-east of England, a common term of endearment is “pet” (as in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet). My father, a Londoner, moved to the north-east when he was in his 20s. He told me that for ages he thought there were a lot of people around called Pat.

Paul Dormer

Guildford, Surrey

A few lines on the Your View page (Weekend, 21 July) do not do justice to the hours of pleasure Clive James has given us over the years. Let’s have a big thank you to him now, with a few of his memorable writings included.

Elizabeth Dunnett


Reading about the England Women’s cricket victory at Lord’s (Sport, 24 July), I couldn’t help but recall my favourite Austen heroine, Catherine Morland, who, as a small child, “greatly preferred cricket, not merely to dolls, but to the more heroic enjoyments of infancy, nursing a dormouse, feeding a canary-bird, or watering a rose-bush”.

Martin Brayne

High Peak, Derbyshire

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