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A federal judge in Atlanta has thrown out a lawsuit against Time Warner claiming “a company-wide pattern and practice” of racial discrimination at some of its networks, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The lawsuit originated with Ernest Colbert Jr. and Celeslie Henley, who worked at TBS and CNN, respectively. The putative class action filed in December of 2016 pulled from previous race discrimination suits lodged against the companies and statistics from an internal HR report from the early 2010s, Deadline reports. The complaint alleged that minority employees received less salary and opportunities for promotion while being fired at a much higher rate than white employees.

U.S. District Court Judge William Duffey Jr. was unconvinced, finding the arguments “fraught with conclusory claims, unsupported by factual allegations sufficient to support the inferences claimed by Plaintiffs,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. He faulted both parties for a lack of factual support for various allegations, including a “sham” interview process and relegating African-American employees to non-revenue-generating areas of the company. Finally, Duffey remarked that any amendment to the case would be “cosmetic” and “largely stylistic changes, which do not cure the deficiencies in the Complaint.”

Plaintiffs attorney Daniel Meacham told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “This is a battle, not a war. The first scrimmage, it was in the favor of CNN and Turner. I applaud them for it. But the war is not over. We endeavor to keep on fighting.” Meacham also said he plans to address the judge’s issues with the complaint and re-file.