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Are you a progressive lawyer looking for some hot pro bono action, or a nonprofit ISO legal services to help with your mission? According to Politico, there’s a match site for that.

We the Action is a new website aiming to connect attorneys with nonprofit organizations that have sprung up since the election of President Donald Trump. “These, of course, are challenging times,” the site’s About Us page reads. “More and more Americans are concerned about policy changes that impact their families, friends, neighbors or fellow human beings. Simultaneously, the number of nonprofit organizations in need of legal assistance grows everyday.”

Nonprofits can post about services they require on the site, and lawyers can create profiles listing their areas of expertise. Nonprofits can browse those profiles, and lawyers in turn can search the directory for nonprofits that best fit their skillsets.

One of the hopes for the site, Politico reports, is to provide a workaround for attorneys whose firms have complicated pro bono policies.

We the Action is the brainchild of the California-based Emerson Collective. Marc Elias, a D.C.-based Democratic elections lawyer, is serving as the site’s board chairman. Sarah Baker, who worked as associate counsel to President Barack Obama, is serving as executive director. “Non-profits are on the frontline, and there are more and more of them every day. This is a way to connect lawyers that want to help with organizations that need help,” she told Politico.

The site launched Friday, July 28. Several organizations have paired up with We the Action including Planned Parenthood, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and Vote Latino.