The Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center, where the Ohio Supreme Court meets.

A lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, stands to lose his law license for allegedly laundering—through his trust account—in excess of $700,000 of his mom’s money before she died.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Kinsley Nyce faces charges from the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct over how he and his brother managed their elderly mother’s money. They had power of attorney for her and allegedly used that authority to shuffle money around in hopes of keeping some of it out of reach of two nursing homes that cared for her.

Barbara Nyce had more than $700,000 in assets prior to entering the first of two Vermont nursing homes in 2013, but owed the facilities about $205,000 by the time she died in 2015, the complaint states. Her sons also sold themselves their mother’s home for $10, the complaint says.

The nursing homes sued in Vermont federal court to recover the money.

Nyce’s law-license case is to be heard before the Ohio Supreme Court. He is also accused of not telling his clients he didn’t have malpractice insurance.