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The 60 second interview: Forget the competition and start partnering with clients

Yuzu.law chief executive officer and former Colt general counsel Robin Saphra talks to The Lawyer ahead of this year’s Business Leadership Summit in association with Propero Partners, which focuses on the law firm of 2025.

No. There will be more, but lawyers looking for jobs will need to demonstrate a much broader range of skills to address the new market. Lawyers will need to be process engineers, programmers, technologists, client care specialists, professional salespeople.

Knowledge of the law will be a hygiene factor in recruitment, but the jobs will go to those who can apply service delivery effectively to their knowledge.

I wonder if photocopying will be commonplace in 2025? AI will have a place and will be valuable in replacing analogue activity and driving efficiency and speed. AI will be used when the investment justifies a return.

I don’t believe that within 8 years that adopting an AI based solution will be as much of a no-brainer as using a photocopier.

My kids don’t know how to code, but they know how to apply technology to a problem. Those who want to innovate will at least have to understand this.

Merely possessing legal expertise or knowledge is no longer enough. Nor is being good at problem solving. The delivery of the product will be the most important differentiator for legal service providers.

Every team member will need to embrace technology and understand how they can use it to improve their efficiency and delivery. Those who don’t will fall behind.

The in-house legal department is the private practice firm’s most formidable competitor. Firms need to stop worrying about other firms and figure out how they partner with in-house. And in-house departments need to move away from treating firms as suppliers and thinking of them as collaborators.

Every lawyer should expect to spend at least half their time working this way. Organisations (legal and non-legal business) should think about the transformation that needs to happen to support this.

I would have liked to be a doctor. Or a spy.

Tasmania. The air is cleaner than anywhere else.