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2017-09-14 03:36:03
Prisoner who has served 11 years on 10-month sentence 'to be released'

A prisoner who has served 11 years in jail after initially being sentenced to a minimum of less than one is to be released, his family said.

James Ward, who was given a sentence to imprisonment for public protection (IPP) with a minimum of 10 months to be served for arson in 2006, has been granted parole and will be released within weeks, according to his family.

They told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the Parole Board had agreed to his release once suitable accommodation and care support had been found. They have previously said that Ward, whose parole hearings had repeatedly been delayed, had been “left to rot”.

He was said to have lost a significant amount of weight in prison and to have self-harmed, meaning that he would need care upon his release.

The Parole Board has not responded to a request for comment.

More details soon ...