Atlanta, Ga.

On the last Sunday of every month, a group of cyclists gathers at Loose Nuts bike shop in the Grant Park area of Atlanta. For 22 months these riders headed by Atlanta attorney Damon Elmore of Nowell Sparks are not riding the tree-lined streets of Atlanta for the sights, they gather for a more important reason, an initiative called Cycling for Good. The brainchild of Elmore, the initiative was created out of realizing that there was a need to help Atlanta’s less fortunate residents, our homeless population.

ALM Photojournalist John Disney rides with the group as they deliver food, toiletry, and personal care items to the areas of downtown Atlanta most populated by the homeless. We meet new people along the way and most importantly learn names and stories. It’s important to “not fall deaf on the humanity of other people because they’re different,” Elmore says, borrowing a phrase from President Bill Clinton. The initiative, which includes five to 35 riders in a given month, also teaches the concept of micro-philanthropy, doing something in your spare time with not much investment that benefits the community.