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2017-10-19 20:44:03
Assisted dying: Victoria votes to approve voluntary euthanasia bill

Victoria’s lower house of parliament has passed assisted dying legislation after a marathon debate that continued for four days. It clears the way for the bill to pass the upper house in two weeks’ time, where supporters of the bill believe they have the numbers to pass the law.

The debate on the government-sponsored bill began on Tuesday and the debate continued past midnight each day. It culminated in a debate that began on 9.30am on Thursday morning and was still running by 11.15am Friday, when a conscience vote to pass the legislation was finally called.

Politicians debated each of the 141 clauses of the bill and proposed more than 100 amendments, each of which failed. Liberal and National MPs were accused of filibustering as the debate continued into Friday morning.

The bill passed to applause, 47 votes to 37, and the house adjourned at 11am.

More to come.