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2017-11-01 09:13:04
Man is accused of stealing wallet at magistrate’s office to pay court fines

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing a wallet near a court payment window and using the money to pay his fines.

Police allege that 31-year-old Steven Rago of Vandergrift was caught on security camera taking a wallet left on the counter at the Allegheny Township district judge’s office, report TribLive.com and KDKA.

The camera showed Rago putting the wallet into his pocket, entering the restroom, then paying his fine with cash, according to the criminal complaint. Police say they called Rago, who agreed to return the wallet. Initially $100 was missing from the wallet, but Rago later paid back the money, police say.

Rago was charged with misdemeanor theft, and his bail was rescinded on a previous charge of simple assault.