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Did you or your spouse work during labor and delivery of your child?

“How many of you worked while you (or spouse) were at hospital during labor/delivery of your child?”

That question was posed by Keith Lee the other day on Twitter and brought to mind the birth of my first child. I went into labor while at the office and decided it would be better to wrap up pre-maternity leave loose ends doing final edits with an editor instead of hanging around at the hospital. For me, that was an easy call: The hospital was across the street from my office.

Others had bigger stakes in play than a story deadline to meet. We’ve reported about a woman going into labor during the bar exam, finishing up the test, then going on to have her baby… and pass the bar.

Responses to Keith included those from spouses who weren’t able to take much if any leave or were working at the hospital throughout labor and delivery.

I had to work the night my youngest was born. Boss knew where I was and sent an email saying he needed 3 things ASAP. I then worked the next day from hospital and then at home, and went back to work after "missing" one day. Fuck that guy forever.

Now we want to hear your stories. Did you or your spouse work during labor and delivery of your child? If you had a do-over, would you do something differently?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Rachel W: “Yes and yes. We bring our dogs to work every day unless we have a deposition or something similar scheduled in our conference room. For practical reasons, having Cody, my dog, saves me time in that I don’t have to take a lunch break to walk him and I am able to stay at work when necessary without worrying about whether he needs to be let out, etc. Plus, the dogs just make our office a happier place. Many of our regular visitors look forward to seeing them and ask about them when they visit the office. Our pets are an important part of our office family!”

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A recent Question of the Week asked if you’re allowed to bring your pets to work and whether you ever bring them to the office.

We’ve previously reported that it’s not uncommon for dogs, cats and other animals to hang out in law offices—even when clients are present. They can provide a more relaxed atmosphere and even provide a brief break from the legal world.

Some of our readers have responded with pictures of their law pets, and there is still time to answer our Question of the Week.

Also, send us a picture of your pet at work to captions@abajournal.com, and you may see your furry friend added to our gallery!


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