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2017-12-06 13:23:04
Can you write a happy legal-themed story in 4 words?

On Wednesday morning, the hashtag #writeahappystoryin4words was trending on Twitter.

Some of the super-short happy stories we found:

Eating without getting fat.

Baby shoes, well worn.

Twitter introduces “Edit” button

Inspired by this, we’d like to ask you: Can you write a happy legal-themed story in four words? With a legal theme?

Answer in the comments (and naturally, on Twitter).

Read the answers to last week’s question: Did you or your spouse work during labor and delivery of your child?

Featured answer:

Posted by Late night/early morning/ all day multitasker: “I brought my laptop with me for the birth of both my children. The first time I was induced, the second time I went naturally. Both times the hospital staff told me to put it away.”

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