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Investigator is jailed for refusing to testify in capital case on religious grounds

An investigator was sent back to jail on Wednesday after she told a Colorado judge her religious beliefs prevent her from testifying for prosecutors in a capital appeal.

Greta Lindecrantz, a 67-year-old Mennonite, told an Arapahoe County judge that she would not have a problem testifying “if death wasn’t on the line,” the Colorado Independent reports. The Washington Post, the Denver Post and the Aurora Sentinel also have stories.

“I feel like I’m having to choose between you and God,” Lindecrantz told Judge Michelle Amico.

Prosecutors want Lindecrantz to testify to establish that Robert Ray received effective assistance of counsel when he was sentenced to death for ordering the murder of two witnesses in another murder case. Lindecrantz had worked for Ray’s lawyers.

Amico had sent Lindecrantz to jail for contempt of court on Monday, and sent her back to jail when she continued to refuse to testify.

Lindecrantz sobbed as she refused to answer more than 70 questions from prosecutors. Members of two Mennonite congregations had packed the courtroom in support of Lindecrantz.

Lindecrantz’s lawyer, Mari Newman, said she is appealing the contempt order.

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