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2018-03-06 18:07:06
Lawyerist expands offerings, rebrands TBD Law conference

Lawyerist, an online blog and publisher, announced a new path for the company, which will now focus on helping small and solo firms build a community and improve their business practices.

“I’m super-pumped,” says Sam Glover, CEO of Lawyerist. “I’m really excited.”

The new path comes with a series of original and updated offerings, which are meant to reflect the company’s new mantra: “Join your tribe. Grow your firm.”

Leading the pack of new products is the Small Firm Scorecard, a free 10-minute self-assessment to understand how well lawyers are prepared to build a client-centered firm.

“Traditional law firms are not well-prepared to deliver legal services to the client in line with what clients want right now,” says Glover.

With 40 questions for solos and 50 questions for small firms, the scorecard will cover issues related to business, technology use, hiring and work-life balance, and intended to create a clear business strategy.

Building on the scorecard is Lawyerist Lab, a yearlong program that will allow lawyer-only participants to engage in daily accountability projects that “will address various components of the scorecard,” says Glover. He thinks the group will be closer to 150 people than 1,000.

The first group of applicants will be accepted in April, and programming will begin in May.

While many things are new with Lawyerist, a part of this recalibration means the end of TBD Law, a conference that has run since 2016. Replacing this event is LabCon, which will be the capstone for those involved in the Lawyerist Lab program. The first convening of LabCon will be Aug. 19-21 at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska, Minnesota, near Minneapolis. A tour of the Prince Museum and the iconic musician’s Paisley Park recording studio are on the docket.

Along with these changes are an updated homepage and Lawyerist Insider, an online community, that will offer new benefits to members. Not everything is digital, however, as the company will offer a physical productivity journal.

There is a staff shakeup as well. Glover will hand over the editor-in-chief title to Marshall Lichty, an attorney and COO of EntrePartner Law Firm in Minneapolis. The team is also adding Aretha Soderstrom as a new staff writer and Ayesha Schroeder as online engagement manager.

At the time of publication, prices of the various services and products were not known.