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2018-03-07 07:34:09
Tech will transform the global real estate legal market: true or false?

Later this month The Lawyer will publish its analysis of the global real estate legal market, which will assess the impact of technology on the world’s largest international real estate legal practices and their clients.

The Lawyer’s Global Real Estate 50 2018 report, which focuses specifically on property tech, will include the results of a survey of law firms on the potential impact of tech on their practices over the next five years. But what do clients think?

Many clients with real estate needs say they are already seeing the impact of new technology in a range of new products being offered to them by the biggest firms. The Lawyer would like to invite consumers these of legal services to give us their views, anonymously, on the impact they believe technology will have on the services they receive over the next few years.

To respond to the three-minute survey simply click here.

Certainly, at least one senior in-house lawyer interviewed for the report is under no illusions about the scale of change both he and the firms he works with are currently facing.

“This is an industry that hasn’t really changed significantly for 100 years so it is ripe for disruption,” said Rob Booth, general counsel and company secretary of The Crown Estate.

Answers to the survey will be aggregated and not attributed to any individual or organisation, but they will help measure the extent to which law firms’ and their clients’ views on this issue are aligned. Or not.