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2018-03-13 15:17:04
Website leads transgender Floridians through process of changing names and gender markers

The website is called FloridaNameChange.Org, and it is easy to access on all devices, according to a press release.

FloridaNameChange.Org generates pre-filled legal documents that can be filed in court for a name change. The forms are tailored to requirements of the particular county where the petition is filed. The website also helps users update their legal name and gender on their Social Security card, driver’s license, passport and birth certificate.

The public interest law firm Southern Legal Counsel created the website in partnership with Florida Justice Technology Center, which was launched in 2015 with funding from the Florida Bar Foundation. The bar foundation provided funding for the website project.

The press release notes that name change forms and petitioning process vary from county to county in Florida, making the process intimidating.

“FloridaNameChange.org includes the accurate and required forms and procedures for all 67 counties in Florida, making it the first resource of its kind and ensuring that this tool can assist all Florida residents,” said lawyer Simone Chriss in the press release. Chriss is director of Southern Legal Counsel’s transgender identification initiative.

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