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2018-03-16 10:28:06
Mueller reportedly subpoenas Trump Organization for documents

The Times relied on two anonymous sources for its story, which said some of the documents sought are related to Russia. The Wall Street Journal and CNN are among several outlets that followed with stories.

The organization has previously said it voluntarily provided documents to the special counsel. A source told CNN that the intent of the subpoena was to “clean up” and ensure all relevant documents are turned over.

Mueller has reportedly asked witnesses about discussions relating to a potential deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, has said he discussed the possibility of building the tower with the former candidate three times during the campaign. Cohen told Trump the deal was killed during their third conversation.

Alan Futerfas, a lawyer representing the Trump Organization, said in a statement provided to the publications that since last July, the organization has been “fully cooperative.”

“This is old news and our assistance and cooperation with the various investigations remains the same today,” Futefas said.

According to the Times, the subpoena comes amid indications that Mueller may be examining whether foreign money helped fund Trump’s political activities.

McClatchy News has previously reported that the FBI is investigating whether a Russian banker funneled funds to the National Rifle Association to help Trump. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff of California, tells McClatchy that committee Democrats want to learn more.

“Whether there was an effort by Russia to create a back channel or assist the Trump campaign through the NRA or gun-rights groups is an open question the committee’s minority has endeavored to answer for the past year,” he said.