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2018-03-20 13:43:05
Ex-judge is accused of stealing drug court money to pay woman to change sexual favors story

A former Nashville judge has been accused of trying to pay more than $6,000 stolen from a drug-court nonprofit to get a woman to recant allegations against him and to pay an intermediary.

The former judge, Cason “Casey” Moreland, was charged in a superseding indictment, according to a press release. The Washington Post, the Lebanon Democrat and the Tennessean (in stories here and here) have coverage.

Moreland wanted the woman to retract allegations made to a Nashville television station that he helped her avoid paying traffic fines and court fees while they were in a sexual relationship, according to prosecutors. The report had cited text messages between Moreland and the woman that appeared to chronicle his help getting her out of a traffic ticket, which was followed by an alleged sexual encounter.

“Just used my super powers!!” Moreland allegedly texted the woman. “My desk still has butt marks on it!!”

According to prosecutors, Moreland had enlisted the help of an intermediary who agreed to cooperate in the criminal investigation. Moreland allegedly gave the informant $6,100, and asked him to pay the woman more than $3,500 to change her story.

Moreland had presided in cases in the general sessions court and in the drug treatment court, and he also had de facto authority over the Davidson County Drug Court Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit that receives federal funding and supports the drug treatment court.

According to the superseding indictment, Moreland began stealing money from the foundation in the spring of 2016. At first, he made several purchases to buy flowers for his mother, the media, and a friend’s relative. Later he persuaded a foundation official to bring him envelopes of cash paid by drug court participants who received treatment at the foundation’s center.

When Moreland became aware of the investigation, he allegedly asked the official to destroy documents and lie to a grand jury.

Moreland is charged with obstruction of justice, theft from a program receiving federal funds, and committing an offense while on pretrial release.