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2018-03-26 11:33:09
After social media outcry, Munger Tolles will no longer require mandatory arbitration

The law firm said in a tweet that none of its employees, including summer associates, will be required sign mandatory arbitration agreements. The American Lawyer has the story.

Harvard law lecturer Ian Samuel had leaked the law firm’s proposed agreement on Twitter. Samuel is a former associate Jones Day.

The agreement had required summer associates to submit to mandatory, binding arbitration and claims relating to employment, including claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Sexual harassment claims can be made under Title VII.

The agreement also said that “the fact and content” of any arbitration proceeding must be held “in the strictest confidence,” though the information could be disclosed to legal counsel and insurers.

Munger, Tolles & Olson is committed to the highest standards of conduct. In this case, we were wrong, and we are fixing it. We will no longer require any employees, including summer associates, to sign any mandatory arbitration agreements.

This agreement comes courtesy of an anonymous Firstie. (Best listeners.) Munger wants all of its summer associates to agree to submit any claims of (among other things) workplace harassment to secret arbitration by an arbitrator of the firm’s selection. 2/ pic.twitter.com/Xrag42thXP