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Do you belong to any social groups for lawyers?

Data on loneliness in the workplace showed that 61 percent of lawyers ranked above average—a higher rate than any other profession—on the “loneliness scale” from the University of California at Los Angeles that was used by survey authors at workplace consulting firm BetterUp.

Houston-area lawyer Scott Rothenberg tells the ABA Journal that loneliness and isolation may be a root cause of many lawyer issues like depression, suicide and substance abuse. He points to online groups such as the Texas Lawyers Lounge as a digital-era way to create community for lawyers and “a sense that we’re in this together.”

ABAJournal.com has also looked at the LawyerSmack online community of attorneys.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Do you belong to any groups to socialize with other lawyers? In-person or online? Where you discuss work-related issues or personal ones? Why or why not? If you belong to a group, do you think it helps professionally or with your overall well-being?

Answer in the comments.

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