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Peeps out! See the best of 10 years as we retire annual diorama contest

After a decade of law-related artwork featuring Peeps—those chick- and bunny-shaped marshmallow candies you either can’t get enough of or can’t stand—the ABA Journal is retiring the annual Peeps in Law diorama contest.

The Peeps in Law diorama contest was inspired by contests across the country. The St. Paul Pioneer Press hosted the first official Peeps diorama competition in 2004. The Pioneer Press still offers tips on producing a winning diorama. Over the years, Peeps maker Just Born even supported the contests, providing gift packages to winners and including winning entries in their online galleries.

Molly McDonough, ABA Journal editor and publisher, said the contest was designed to be a fun way to look at legal issues when it started in 2009.

Indeed, over the last decade, readers and staff showed off their creative sides each spring, often featuring quirky senses of humor. There were nods to movies, television shows, Supreme Court decisions, and other newsworthy pop-culture related events at the time.

So, it’s time to “rest in Peeps,” but if you still have a sweet tooth, then check out the gallery below featuring all our winning entries and some staff favorites from over the years.

Since the ABA Journal announced the first Peeps in Law diorama contest in 2009, we have received hundreds of entires that showed off law-related creativity and timely humor.

As we retire this annual contest, we invite you to look back at all of the winning entries – and even some of our favorites, as well.


1L Peeps Study Group (winner of Inaugural Peeps in Law, 2009)

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