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Brief letters  With Green and Amber gone, vote red

It is wrong to describe the Church of England’s consistory courts as “rarely used and archaic” (Relatives ask bishop to halt development of graveyard, 1 May). According to your article, this Ribble Valley graveyard lies within the diocese of Blackburn. The Ecclesiastical Law Association’s admirable, free website shows that there were 12 reported judgments of that diocese’s consistory court in 2017, apart altogether from numerous unreported decisions. Consistory courts operate under statutory provisions which are routinely updated, and their jurisdiction is primarily concerned with regulating proposed works on consecrated land.

Charles George QC

Dean of the Arches and auditor

Andrew Lyner (Letters, 1 May) writes about reading an analogue display “from a prone position” (ie lying on his front). I suppose this is possible, depending on the location of the display, but I think it much more likely that he was supine (ie lying on his back).

Helena Newton

Ilford, East London

Street names are great but need care (Letters, 28 April). A local council many years ago renamed one St Peter’s Close and had to change it again after protests when it was realised a retirement home was on it.

Jan Clark

Everdon, Northamptonshire

My sympathies to “Lousie” Smith (Letters, 1 May). My own name is Ailsa – not Alisa, not Alsia, not Alise. Perhaps an alternative used recently is more suitable: it appeared in a letter beginning “Dear Alias”.

Ailsa Cregan

Datchworth, Hertfordshire

Very appropriate that a man called Brokenshire is now in charge of solving the country’s housing crisis (Brokenshire’s return, 1 May).

Paul Simpson

Southsea, Hampshire

The government is indeed at a crossroads, with Green and Amber gone (Letters, 1 May). Time for a red takeover. Vote Labour on Thursday!

Karen Barratt

Winchester, Hampshire

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