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2018-05-11 15:50:05
Nixon Peabody seeks to benefit the poor with its solar panels

Nixon Peabody lawyers Jeff Lesk and Herb Stevens are taking the lead on a project that sends energy credits from solar panels on the firm’s Washington, D.C., office to lower-income city residents.

The program involves the energy company Pepco, the Washington Post reports. “We just produce the energy here,” Stevens explained in an interview with the newspaper. “Pepco turns it into dollars, and we send them to Southeast and Southwest Washington.”

Nixon Peabody installed the system with money from a company seeking federal tax credits. The firm also received a grant from the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment to form a nonprofit to run the program and install additional solar panels on other buildings.

One Pepco customer who is benefiting is 71-year-old Edna Wimberly, who lives on a fixed income. She told the Post that she filled out a form and now receives credits. Her energy bill had been as high as $50, but she sometimes pays nothing as a result of the credits.

“It helps me out a lot—an awful lot,” Wimberly told the Post.