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2018-06-25 06:02:13
Hermes couriers are workers, not self-employed, tribunal rules

A group of 65 Hermes couriers are workers, not self-employed, an employment tribunal has ruled.

The GMB union said it was the latest legal triumph against “bogus” self-employment in the gig economy.

The Leeds tribunal found that a group of Hermes couriers were workers and, as such, were entitled to employment rights and to receive the national minimum wage and holiday pay.

The GMB described it as a landmark ruling, which would potentially apply to other Hermes couriers, around 14,500 of whom are engaged under the same contracts.

Tim Roache, the GMB general secretary, said: “This is yet another ruling that shows the gig economy for what it is: old-fashioned exploitation under a shiny new facade.

“Bosses can’t just pick and choose which laws to obey.”

A Hermes spokesman said: “We will carefully review the tribunal’s decision, but we are likely to appeal it given that it goes against previous decisions, our understanding of the witness evidence and what we believe the law to be.

“Nevertheless we have always been fully prepared for any outcome of this decision and its impact.”

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