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2018-06-27 05:27:14
Assisted dying: UK court rejects Noel Conway challenge

Terminally ill motor neurone disease sufferer Noel Conway, who wants the right to an assisted death, has lost his legal challenge at the UK court of appeal.

Conway’s case was rejected on Wednesday by three senior judges – the maaster of the rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, Sir Brian Leveson and Lady Justice King.

Reading a summary of the ruling, Etherton said the court concluded it was not as well-placed as parliament to determine the “necessity and proportionality of a blanket ban”.

He also said the high court had evidence before it from which it could find that Conway’s proposed scheme was “inadequate to protect the weak and vulnerable” and failed to give enough weight to the “significance of the sanctity of life and to the scheme’s potential to undermine trust and confidence as between doctors and patients”.

Etherton added: “From the outset, we emphasise our great respect for him [Mr Conway] and for the dignity and courage which he has shown.”


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