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2018-07-10 17:12:05
Lawyer is arrested, accused of giving a ride to immigrants who said they were abandoned by smugglers

A Texas lawyer was arrested last week after authorities said he picked up two immigrants who told border patrol agents that they had been abandoned by their guide after paying smugglers to enter the country.

Laredo lawyer Armando Treviño, 71, was arrested July 2 after an off-duty border patrol agent saw the two immigrants get into Trevino’s vehicle on a highway in South Texas, the San Antonio Express-News and Texas Lawyer report, according to an affidavit cited by the Express-News. Treviño is accused of transporting immigrants who are in the country illegally.

The immigrants said they had each paid $2,500 to be taken to San Antonio, but their guide abandoned them after crossing the Rio Grande, the affidavit said. They said Treviño picked them up as they were trying to get a ride. One of the immigrants said Trevino told them he couldn’t take them all the way to San Antonio, but he would take them as far north as possible.

Trevino led students who protested discrimination against Mexican-Americans in the 1960s.

The State Bar of Texas lists prior reprimands and suspensions against Treviño. According to the Express-News, the discipline stemmed from a failure to pay bar dues, to keep clients informed about their cases, and to appear in court for clients.