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Brief letters  ‘Farty Hans’ and Roman Tony

For the last 15 years or so, working as a consultant cancer surgeon, I have always written to my patients copying the GP (Doctors told to use plain language when writing to patients, 4 September). Furthermore, I dictate my clinic letter in front of the patient so that I can be certain they understand my conclusions and advice. Another reason for recommending this practice, not mentioned by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, is that continuity of care in general practice is now unusual.

J Meirion Thomas


Clodagh Kennedy feels that the term “do-gooder” is an insult (Letters, 5 September). I have been labelled this myself, and I do not see it as a libel: after all, the opposite is a “do bad-er”. Indeed, in the law, the Latin pro bono means one is working for the good (for free), which I assume means that the rest of the law is generally pro malum.

Clive Stafford Smith

Symondsbury, Dorset

In the 70s, we had both estate and saloon versions of the East German-made Wartburg (Letters, passim). With its two-stroke-engine and only seven moving engine parts, it handled like a tank. It was well before its time in one way – if you took your foot off the accelerator, engine braking was disabled so it coasted in order to save fuel. However, in its home country it was apparently known as “Farty Hans” due to its very smelly emissions.

Ruth Eversley

Paulton, Somerset

Christina Dutta asks what hard Brexiters/no-dealers will fall back on if Trump pulls the plug on the WTO (Letters, 3 September). A large, comfy pillow of offshore investments, property portfolios and “trade deals” with Russia, I imagine.

Richard Gilyead

Saffron Walden, Essex

I used to dread August when I found out who Tony Blair was holidaying with – Berlusconi, Cliff Richard. Now I dread September when I find out who he’s going back to work with (Far-right minister and Blair meet up in Rome, 5 September).

Brenda Grant


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