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2018-09-17 14:05:06
Justice League: Meet the leader of this teen band of Supreme Court bloggers

When not looking at baseball box scores or cramming for a test, a New Jersey high school student focuses on covering the highest court in the United States.

NPR and Columbia Journalism Review interview Anna Salvatore, an 11th-grader in Pennington, New Jersey, and who earlier this year started the blog High School SCOTUS after reading a New York Times article about the 2017 immigration case Maslenjak v. United States during study hall.

“When you don’t know anything about something and all of a sudden you start learning, it’s like your knowledge is exploding,” she tells CJR.

Recent posts from Salvatore and blog contributors include an interview with Georgetown law professor Shon Hopwood, thoughts about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and what to expect from the court following Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s retirement.

“People pay attention to (President Donald) Trump because he’s important and makes news,” Salvatore tells CJR. “They pay attention to senators. But they overlook the court because it’s quieter. Just because it’s quieter, it’s not less important.”

Earlier this summer, Salvatore accepted an invitation for a court tour by one of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch’s clerks.