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Kweku Adoboli case is an example of Tories’ cruel hostile environment

The suspension of the deportation of Kweku Adoboli is welcome and hopefully the publicity that his case has attracted will lead to an urgent reappraisal of the policy of deporting so called “foreign criminals” who are not “foreign” but have been here legally since childhood (Banker wins last minute reprieve from deportation, 18 September). It is fortunate for Mr Adoboli that he has so much support, including from his MP, and the services of Jacqueline McKenzie, his lawyer, who wrote about his situation and the issues his case raises (Why does the government want to punish Kweku twice?, Journal, 18 September).

The law, which means effectively automatic deportation for non-citizens convicted of crimes for which the penalty is 12 months’ imprisonment, is cruel and inhuman, a form of modern-day transportation. I am aware through some voluntary work I do of a young man who has been returned to Jamaica, which he’d left aged seven. He had been granted indefinite leave to remain in 2003 and would very likely have been have been granted British citizenship if it had been pursued before he was convicted. He had no right of appeal until he had been deported, and legal aid was unavailable. His mother, who worked here for many years, has used her very limited resources to pay legal fees and help him on his arrival in Jamaica, a place with which he had little connection, where he was sent with nothing other than the few personal effects he had in prison.

I believe there are many other people in this situation who have been forced out of the country that they’ve regarded as home, and brought here as children. This is not justice and it is a further example of the cruel hostile environment deliberately created by the Home Office.

Susannah Walker

Rodney Stoke, Somerset

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