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2018-10-29 07:23:07
Jerry Springer plans to take the bench on syndicated TV show

Jerry Springer is no longer producing new episodes of his TV show, but he is not ending his television career.

Springer is reportedly developing another syndicated TV show called Judge Jerry in which he will preside over small claims disputes, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Broadcasting & Cable, the New York Post and the Wrap. The series could premiere in fall 2019.

Springer is a former lawyer and a Northwestern law grad. He was once the mayor of Cincinnati.

Springer was among 13,800 Ohio lawyers suspended in December 2005 for failing to file a certificate of registration and pay related fees. The Ohio Supreme Court’s lawyer directory still lists Springer as suspended.

Springer is developing the show with NBCUniversal, which already has taped a pilot episode. The show will be taped in Stamford, Connecticut, where Springer’s current show is taped.

According to the Post, the show is expected to “incorporate some elements of his notoriously rowdy current program,” including a studio audience breaking into chants of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

NBCUniversal didn’t comment when contacted by the publications.