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2018-11-27 08:25:08
KPMG aims to employ 3,000 lawyers within the next few years

Accounting firm KPMG currently employs 1,800 lawyers in offices across 75 countries, and it has plans to expand the number.

Within the next few years, KPMG hopes to have 3,000 lawyers working in its global legal services arm, Law.com reports.

KPMG’s legal services arm has four core lines, according to Law.com. They are business structures and transactions; tax disputes and investigations; employment and immigration; and “new law” and global, which handles regulatory process work.

KPMG may add lawyers in additional jurisdictions, including the Far East, according to Nick Roome, who leads KPMG’s legal services in the United Kingdom.

In the U.K., KPMG has been awarded an alternative business structure license, which has “leveled the playing field,” he told Law.com. Clients can now be assured the KPMG is bound by the same regulatory principles as traditional law firms.

Clients who select KPMG for legal work have the advantage of working with an interdisciplinary team, Roome said. “We run an integrated practice,” he told Law.com.