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How do you manage your screen time?



Technology can be both a friend and a foe. Computers and phones keep us constantly connected, but they also distract from the physical world. Between scrolling through Twitter and checking for emails, you might forget to put down your device and live in the moment.

This week, ABA Journal Legal Affairs Writer Jason Tashea wrote a Law Scribbler column about reducing his screen time. After downloading an app that monitors phone usage, Tashea discovered he was on his device for an average of five hours per day. This inspired him to do what might sound impossible—cut down his screen time by 80 percent.

This week, we’d like to ask: How do you manage your screen time? What steps have you taken to look at your phone less? What has or hasn’t worked?

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Posted by JCM:

“Rosie Parks, a paragon of strength and courage by an apparently small and powerless person. I wish I had the kind of courage shown by Rosie Parks.”

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