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Brief letters  Con or cop, they’re all in the same boat

Your front-page article on magistrates’ courts (28 January) applies to England and Wales. However, the Scottish sheriff’s courts have suffered similar cuts. With the closure of the sheriff’s court in Rothesay, the participants in any case have to travel to Greenock by ferry. So you have police, lawyers, defendants and witnesses travelling together, a perfect opportunity for trouble.

Matthew Williamson

Rothesay, Isle of Bute

It would surely have been appropriate, given that your article on Rachel Whiteread (26 January) was published on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, to mention her remarkable Holocaust memorial sculpture, the Nameless Library, which has stood for nearly two decades in Vienna’s Judenplatz.

Dr Anne Summers

Honorary research fellow, Birkbeck, University of London

I was interested to read that the Birdwatch has “charted the rise of ring-necked parakeets” (Report, 25 January). Last year the RSPB would not let me record the four parakeets and one jay that had come into my garden as it did not think I could have seen them.

Mary Milne-Day


The saluting corvid pictured on the letters page on 26 January is not a crow but a rook. The telltale feature is the white around the base of the beak: crows are all black.

Gavin Weightman


Are arrangements in place to obtain visas for the parachutists (Dakotas to take part in huge airdrop to mark 75 years since D-Day, 28 January) and might they also be put on standby in case they are needed for B-Day?

Mike Brown

Newcastle upon Tyne

I had to read John Vidal’s article “Why I only take one holiday flight a year” (26 January), to find out how he got back home. He didn’t tell us.

Dr Quentin L Burrell

Ballabeg, Isle of Man

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