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Married couples from Harvard Law’s ‘love section’ offer lawyer relationship advice


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Lawyers in love shouldn’t behave like lawyers, according to advice from one of six married couples from Harvard Law School’s class of 1979.

All six couples met while first-year students in Harvard’s Section 3, which is similar to a homeroom period, the New York Times reports.

The New York Times first began tracking the love lives of Harvard Law students in a January article when it noted that three couples in the same Harvard Law section had recently married.

The article prompted Harvard Law professor Richard Lazarus to alert the Times to a bigger romantic feat: Six couples from Section 3 of the Class of 1979 had not only married; they remain married to this day. He dubs the section the “love section.”

The Times contacted the couples to learn more. The newspaper recounted this relationship advice from the lawyers:

• “Don’t work together in the same firm.” From Regina Roman, who married George Berman. She said they both had a lot in common; he said he admired her independence and determination.

• “Don’t behave like lawyers. Remember you’re not adversaries. Don’t argue your point unless you have to. Legal training is not designed for all aspects of human relations.” From Penny Pilzer and Dan Waters.

• “Respect the person and their judgment.” From Bradley Bridge, who says his wife, Dveera Segal, is his best friend.

• The “secret sauce” involves negotiation and problem-solving. From Linda Agerter, who married Rick Judd. She remembers he had a lot of interesting things to say in class and was impressed that he knew how to cook.

• Long hours at work can be hard on a relationship, but it helps to be on the same wavelength on important issues. From Jane Cosgriff Sullwold, who married Bob Sullwold.