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Anonymous anarchists claim responsibility for flooding lawyer’s office because of ICE union work

Occupy ICE protest in June 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Diego G Diaz/Shutterstock.com.

Anonymous anarchists are claiming responsibility for flooding the law office of an Oregon lawyer who represents a union for immigration agents.

The anarchists told a reporter for Willamette Week in an email that they targeted the law office of Portland lawyer Sean Riddell because he represents the union for employees at U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement. Willamette Week and the Oregonian have coverage.

“Our goal was to cause maximum economic damage, that should serve as a warning to all individuals and businesses that profit off the human misery perpetrated by ICE,” the email said. The email was sent from an email address called “watermeltsice.”

The email said the anarchists pushed a garden hose through the mail slot on Riddell’s new office building and then turned on the water.

The email says Riddell represents the union in a lawsuit filed against the city of Portland in connection with an Occupy ICE protest last summer. The Oregonian says no lawsuit has been filed, though Riddell did file a tort claim notice after the city’s mayor reportedly limited police response to the protest, Willamette Week reported at the time.

Riddell shares his office building with other lawyers. The water warped wood floors and left large splotches on the concrete foundation, according to Willamette Week. Carpet and drywall have been removed from flooded areas.

Riddell said the flooding caused thousands of dollars in damage that will probably be covered by insurance.

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