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2019-05-28 08:15:07
Amped Up: ADHD med abuse in the legal profession


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Some people diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder need prescription stimulants to function at the best of their abilities. But there are others who don’t have the diagnosis, but take the medicine illegally because they think it will help them perform better.

It’s a problem that law schools and the legal profession need to become more aware of, says Patrick Krill, an attorney and licensed and board-certified alcohol and drug counselor.

It’s not uncommon to see law students take the pills during finals, or while sitting for the bar exam, which probably is a sign that they are abusing the medicine, he tells the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward. Taking stimulants like Adderall illegally often harms your executive function abilities, says Krill. You can also overdose on prescription stimulants.

In this episode of Asked and Answered, Krill talks about the extent of the issue, its prevalence in people under 40, and the dangers of illegal prescription stimulants.