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2019-06-17 14:24:07
Appeals court applicant who lifted confirmation hearing quotes from Gorsuch withdraws application

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A lawyer has withdrawn her application for the Arizona Court of Appeals after she received publicity for lifting lines from confirmation hearing statements by two Supreme Court justices.

Kristina Reeves sent notice Friday that she is withdrawing her application, the Arizona Capitol Times reports.

Reeves had lifted lines from confirmation hearing remarks by Neil M. Gorsuch and Samuel A. Alito Jr. without attribution to the source, the Capitol Times previously reported. Most of the lifted passages were from Gorsuch.

Reeves used their lines in her answer to a question about why she is seeking a judicial seat.

Arizona Chief Justice Scott Bales had asked the administrator for the Arizona Judicial Nominating Commission to bring the matter to Reeves’ attention, the Capital Times reported here. Reeves revised her paperwork to remove the passages before deciding on Friday to drop her application altogether.

The Capitol Times gave several examples of lifted passages, including:

• Reeves wrote, “Putting on a robe should remind a judge that it’s time to lose her ego and open her mind.” Gorsuch said, “Putting on a robe reminds us that it’s time to lose our egos and open our minds.”

• Reeves wrote, “A legal case isn’t just some number or a name; it is a person, it is a life story.” Gorsuch said, “A legal case isn’t just some number or a name but a life story.”

• Reeves wrote, “For all its imperfections, the rule of law in this nation truly is a wonder, and it is no wonder that it is the envy of the world.” Gorsuch said, “And for all its imperfections, I believe that the rule of law in this nation truly is a wonder. And that it’s no wonder that it’s the envy of the world.”

• Reeves wrote and Alito said that good judges are “always open to the possibility of changing their minds based on the next brief that they read, or the next argument that is made by an attorney who is appearing before them, or a comment that is made by a colleague.”

Reeves was one of 11 lawyers who applied for an open spot on the appellate bench. After a review, the Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments will submit at least three candidates to the governor.