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2019-06-24 12:43:06
Defendant throws feces at judge and declares, ‘It’s protein! It’s good for you!’

Dorleans Philidor. Photo from the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation.

A Miami-Dade judge heeded her bailiff’s warning and scrambled away from the bench Friday when a man on trial in her courtroom threw feces her way.

Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh did not get hit, the Miami Herald reports.

The Miami defendant, Dorleans Philidor, 33, yelled, “It’s protein! It’s good for you!” according to the Herald report.

Witnesses told the newspaper that Philidor appeared to eat some of the excrement. He was on trial for allegedly breaking into a North Miami Beach home.

Jurors were not in the courtroom during the incident. They acquitted Philidor of burglary after the judge moved the case to another courtroom.

Closing arguments had been delayed until Friday because of similar behavior by Philidor on Thursday. While in a holding cell, Philidor defecated and smeared it on himself and the cell, according to officials.

A doctor was appointed to evaluate Philidor because of his behavior Thursday to determine whether he was faking mental illness. The evaluation apparently determined he was well enough for the trial to proceed.

Philidor remains in jail pending a trial in a second case for grand theft auto. He has multiple convictions and could go to prison for 15 years as a career criminal if he is convicted, according to the Herald.