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2019-09-06 05:26:05
Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament is lawful, high court rules

Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament for five weeks is legal, the high court in London has ruled.

In a judgment handed down by three of the most senior judges in England and Wales, the prime minister was found to have acted lawfully in the advice he gave to the Queen to suspend parliament from next week.

The ruling will be go to appeal at the supreme court, which has already announced it is prepared to hear any appeals on 17 September.

Earlier this week, a Scottish court turned down a similar legal challenge. A third claim seeking to overturn the prime minister’s decision to prorogue parliament until 14 October is being heard in Belfast.

Prorogation has never lasted longer than three weeks in the past 40 years and in most cases was only for a week or less, the London court was told.

During Thursday’s hearing, Lord Pannick QC, representing the legal campaigner Gina Miller, described the prime minister’s decision as an “unlawful abuse of power”.

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